How to submit a form to my family doctor ?2023-10-19T03:39:33+00:00
  • Before submitting your form, please make sure your part is filled out and signed.
  • Submit in person at the reception or by email to (secretariat@lacitemedicalemtl.com)
  • Respond to the email if you accept the fees so that your request can be processed.
My patient portal is not working2023-10-19T03:34:31+00:00

Please contact the reception and request a password reset.

How can I access my laboratory results ?2023-10-19T03:32:14+00:00

Access your results through the Quebec health record. Visit the website www.carnetsante.gouv.qc.ca

Medication renewal ?2023-10-19T03:30:14+00:00
  • Did you know that your pharmacist can renew many medications ?
  • Ask your pharmacist to send us a renewal fax.
  • Fax number (514-788-1983).
  • Please note that some renewals may require a medical appointment.
What should I do if my family doctor is absent ?2023-10-19T03:27:13+00:00

If your family doctor is unavailable : in case of an emergency, you can schedule an appointment (advanced access) with another doctor at the clinic. Please contact the reception at 514-788-6484.

What should I do if I don’t have a family doctor ?2023-10-19T03:22:18+00:00

You can book an appointment with a doctor at Cité Médicale clinic or at another clinic by calling the GAP service at (811), option 3.

How to get an emergency appointment at the clinic ?2023-10-19T03:19:39+00:00
  • Emergency appointments are available within 24 hours with your family doctor or the on-call doctor.
  • Book your appointment online or call the clinic at 514-788-6484.
Why can’t I get a phone appointment with my family doctor ?2023-10-19T03:18:30+00:00

Phone appointments are only available at the request of doctors or for specific cases (COVID, ACCIDENT, follow-up of certain results as requested by the doctor)

Why can’t I schedule an appointment on the HUB ?2023-10-19T03:17:42+00:00

It’s possible that your family doctor’s schedule isn’t available yet or that it’s fully booked. You can use the alert system to find out about your doctor’s upcoming availability.

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